Thank you for visiting Affordable Massage and
Skin Care LLC. We have 25 years of experience providing
the best in rejuvenating massage and skin care for our
customers. We invite you to choose from a wide variety
of relaxing massage and skin care choices that are just right
for you. To visit our menu of services just click here.

We hold the vision of planting the seeds of possibility for all
to achieve body, mid and spiritual Health & Beauty which is
starting to be shared by people around the world. The
knowing that if we take care of our bodies now it will take
care of us. Health and longevity is our future.

The image that "Affordable Massage and Skin Care" has
been developing and striving to perfect is, one of service,
efficiency, superior complementary and alternative health
and skin care. Our goal is to be of service to the community.

We are an office of trained, board certified and licensed
Massage Therapists and Estheticians. The therapists training
consists of, but is not limited to, general massage, pre and
postnatal massage, reflexology, shiatsu, deep tissue,
chronic pain and injury rehabilitation. Estheticians training
encompasses skin care ( from natural to troubled skin ),
micro current, chemical peels, cellulite treatments, body
contour wraps, and so much more.

We believe that all people deserve to experience touch. A
touch that is given with the message that " We Care" and is
received with the message you deserve it.